Finding the Right Treatment For Joint and Muscle Pain

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  • Date de publication:23/12/2019
    • USA, Bronx, Suisse

Other authors, Bergamini, et al, suggest Backhero Posture Corrector Review through surface EMG studies how plantar flexors such as the soleus muscles affect sub-clinical dental malocclusions. They also suggest a relationship between jaw posture and [overall] muscular strength. Moreover, other authors found a significant effect of different occlusal positions on the postural activity using a stabilometric footboard, suggesting a strong correlation of the feet and toes function to mandibular position and activity.

In our study we found an average difference in MIO of 6mm between neutral and plantar toe flexion. The average baseline MIO measurements between the pain and no pain groups varied by 3mm. In plantar toe flexion, average MIO increased by 13.5% of all subjects tested.

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